Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and drain problems are very disruptive to daily life.  DAY can help you and your family get your life back to normal.

DAY Plumbing offers Comprehensive Sewer Services:

  • Sewer problem diagnosis
  • Sewer backups
  • Video line inspection / location
  • Sewer line replacement
  • Sewer cleaning
  • High-pressure hydro jetting

Friendly reminders to help you avoid a plugged sewer:

  • The only thing that should ever be flushed down the toilet aside from human waste is toilet paper
  • Flushable wipes/paper towels are NOT flushable
  • Strong toilet paper is too much for many systems
  • Feminine products are not flushable

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What People are saying

Today a part went out for steam heat at Pheasant Run Apartments. We had the good fortune to call Day Plumbing in Fairmont. They sent someone to Sioux Falls to get parts on a Saturday morning and came back and did repairs right after dinner. We are so thankful for their help and the plumber that was on call. Fairmont is so fortunate to have Day Plumbing.

– Patty Taylor Buckmeier

Bathroom Remodel Frequently Asked Questions

Will a DAY designer help me choose all of the materials?

Yes, Your Day Plumbing Coordinator will help you navigate your options and make a choice that fits your style and budget.

Should I have design ideas before I start the renovation process?

Not necessarily, although it is helpful to have a general idea and/or photos of what you like in order to make your decisions easier.

What features should I plan to invest in the most for my new bathroom?

Quality Tubs, Showers and Vanities are usually the ones to give the most thought.

Is there a good alternate to tiling a shower?

Yes, we have various samples of the solid surface shower and tub surround options in our showroom.  These materials are beautiful, and durable and avoid the common problems of leakage and mildew with grouted tile options.

Should I remodel my entire bathroom or do it in stages?

It can be done in stages, depending on your needs and budget.

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